Hellstorm Breakout is a game prototype for my Intro to Game Development class at NYU. It is a simple platformer where the player tries to reach the top while avoiding fireballs and escaping the rising lava.

A - Move left

D - Move right

W - Jump

Left arrow key - Moves shield counter clockwise

Right arrow key - Moves shield clockwise

Up arrow key - Screams (8 second cooldown that lowers by 1 second each time a fireball is blocked)


Assignment1.zip 46 MB
Assignment2.zip 131 MB
Hellstorm Breakout v3.0_Standalone.zip 50 MB
Assignment3.zip 120 MB


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Cool !

movement really need work on the game feel though. I feel like my character is slipping on the floor ! it's really hard to control.

But the concept is cool and the shield mechanic (also it's difficult to control too) is super fun ! It feels good !